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Slurry is a cheap & effective fertiliser, good for green crops such as maize.  Removing a little slurry at regular intervals (6 months to a year) ensures your pond stay in top working order & prevents the build up of a thick layer of solids that can turn routine maintance into a full blown headache.

Our large Joskin Slurry tankers (28000ltr & 24000ltr) have the capacity to spread as much as 1 million litres a day, provided there are no hold ups.  The 18m Dribble Bar has made the splash plate a thing of the past, with no 4 week stand down period.




  • Lays slurry at the base of the plant, rather than covering it  & slowing growth

  • Reduces loss of volatile nutrients

  • Turbo filling arm – 4 to 8 minutes (depending on the thickness)

  • 18m Dribble Bar for fast paddock recovery


Tips for emptying your pond quick and easy:


  • Keep grass & weeds sprayed; this allows the crust to break up more easily & save time

  • Keep gates open & cows out of the way  (then possible); maximises productivity & saves time

  • Ensure fences don’t hinder the access to ponds

  • Check ponds to make sure solids are not going into the green water pond; it is easier to get these out of the first pond

  • Digging the crust off the top of your settling pond is not a quick fix, it only makes emptying the pond harder in the future

  • When building new ponds, consider how they are going to be emptied

  • Plan when you’re going to empty your pond; it is great fertiliser, so don’t leave it too long